Custom Wound Armatures 


High Performance racing armatures hand-wound and carefully finished to exacting specifications.

All armatures feature the best high-temperature wire, diamond-trued comms, accurately ground stacks,

meticulous balancing and all come with precision drill blank ball-bearing sized shafts.

Available for all H.O. cars, G winds and Tyco winds (for Slottech and Wizzard cars).  Wire sizes from 33 - 40.

Recommned wire sizes:

33  - 33.5 Unlimited cars                 33.5 - 34      Neo Modified cars

34.5          Level 25 cars                  35.5 - 36.5  Polymer Modified cars

37 - 38     Ceramic Modified cars    39 - 40         Gravity Cars

The following arms are currently available:


             *NEW*  K thin-lam blank - specially designed for today's cars

33    - 4 1/2' -    Wizzard            $50.00  

35.5 - 7 1/2' -    Wizzard            $50.00 


                                stock thin-lam blank 


36   - 8 1/4' - G            $35.00 

36.5- 8 1/2' - G            $35.00 


                    Super Stock arms


Low ohm (5.9 - 6.2) HOPRA legal Super Stock arms. 


There are now advanced timed versions available for both 'G' and Wizzard/Slottech chassis. 


The advanced arms have a slight twist to the comm to allow them to wind-out a bit more. 

Note:  I only try for a slight advance, as this process is a strain on the wires and too much

can break the wires.  The wrapping of the comm wires along with the epoxy of the arm

helps to keep this from happening.


All of the Suoer Stock arms come with the aforementioned wrapped comm wires, epoxied,

trued comm and carefully balanced.


$17.00 each (please let us know if you want the advanced version).


Order now as these tend to sell quickly.



Please Note:  As stated in the instructions, any armature can be made to fail.  Break in the

brushes at the lowest voltage to just get the motor spinning over freely.  I only use 2 - 4 volts,

and never exceed 6 volts without a load on the car.    Take your time, there is no quick way

to break in a motor.  Free revving the arm may sound nice, but

that puts the kind of stresses on it that it will not normally experience when racing.

I do not recommend the use of 'twisted' brushes for the 'G' winds.  I have had and seen

too many issues with those - loose brushes, uneven and bad wear and brushes actually falling out.  This

is just my opinion and recommendation - others are welcome to a different view.

When ordering arms, please specify what chassis they are to be used in as they all fit somewhat differently

and we can custome fit them to that chassis.   Making arms custom arms has nany steps and processes

to arrive at the final product, so this is something that takes time and can not be done in a few days.