Here may be the answers to some questions that you might have: 


How do I go about ordering bodies?


Please just send an E-mail to HOSTBODIES@YAHOO.COM with what bodies and quantities you would like to order. 

The part (body) # is helpful to make sure that the correct body will get ordered.  Any other questions can also be directed

to us via E-mail..


What is the cost of the bodies?


Bodies cost $2.00 each in either .010 or .007 Lexan.  The few .015 bodies that are available are $2.50 due to the extra

 steps needed to successfully get the thicker lexan to work.


Are quantity discounts available?


Yes.  For orders of 24 or more bodies, the price drops down to $1.50 per body and shipping and handling is free (for now).


How can the orders be paid?


We accept PayPal, check, Money orders and most major credit cards (via PayPal).


Are painted bodies available?


Upon some occasions, we do have some painted bodies for sale.  There are two varieties: The RTT (ready to trim) version where the body is painted

and/or decaled but not trimmed or, the RTR (ready to race) version that comes already trimmed and mounted to fit the chassis (usually the 'G' type chassis). In both

cases, all of the work is done on the inside of the body to protect the paint and/or decal work from racing wear and tear.  Some of the painted example

bodies on the web-site are available for sale.  For any additional information, please E-mail us at HOSTBODIES@YAHOO.COM

Some of the vendors in the 'Links' section also do sell painted versions of the bodies.


How often are new bodies available?


This depends upon how busy we are with other things - like filling orders.  We try to have a new mold out about every 4 - 6 weeks.

You can always E-mail and ask, as the web-site does not always get updated right away when a new body is completed.


Do you take recommendations for bodies to make in the future?


We certainly welcome any ideas from our customers as to what body styles they would like to see us work on.  There is a running list

of bodies that we are interested in coming out with in the future.  Knowing what others what like to see done, helps us to add some

priority to the list and also gives us new ideas.  However, due to the length of time that it takes to make the molds, please be patient

if your recommendations take a long time to come to production.


Do you do custom work?


Upon occasion, we can make the time to paint and decal a body of your choice in the manner you want.  Depending up the effort required to complete

the body, will determine the time frame and cost of the body.  For a fairly exhorbatant fee, we can also do custom mold work.  Please E-mail us with

any inquires for this type of work.