These are some links to other websites that you may find of interest: 


WWW.MISCAR.NET This is the racing group that you will most often find us at the races.


WWW.SLOTPROSPEEDWAY.COM - A source for painted versions of H.O.S.T. bodies plus other racing parts.


WWW.RiggenHO.COM - An interesting site dedicated to the history of pre-magnet H.O. cars.


WWW.HOPRA.NET - The official site of the H.O. Professional Racing Association


WWW.PLANETOFSPEED.COM - A 'blog' with relevant discussions on today's racing. - Interesting place and parts - by the builder of some of the 'Riggen Series' cars.  - A super site with lots of other links. - Another place for painted bodies plus other H.O. parts. - Excellent slot car controllers for all scales, including H.O.