The "'LIST"'



Here are the bodies that we will be working on in the future, in no particular order.


Doran JE4 (Daytona Prototype) completed 5-2010

BMW Z4M (GT3) completed 10-2011

Porsche Ck5 (no wing) completed 5-2011

Mustang F/C

Aston Martin DB09 (LeMans)

Audi R18(LeMans)

Corvette Daytona Prototype completed 6-2012

Schkee Can-AM completed 6-2015

Mustang COT (Nationwide - NASCAR)

Gen-6 Toyota completed 11-2015

Mustang D.P. completed 10-2014

Porsche 919 completed 6-2017

Lola B12 coupe completed 1-2018

Ford GT

Shadow DN4 (Can-Am)

NASCAR Camaro (cup 2018)

Chaparral 2C

Peugeot HDI (LeMans)

Dodge Charger COT (NASCAR)

Gen-6 Ford NASCAR completed 6-2013

Gen-6 Chevy NASCAR completed 10-2013

Camaro (new) completed 11-2010

     Camaro SS (no wing) completed 9-2011

Challenger (Trans-Am)

Lola T-70 (Can-Am)

Ford GT (GT3)

Lola T-310 GRAVITY  completed 12-2015

Ferrari P3/P4

'69 Torino Talladega completed 4-2012

Cougar Trans-Am


Ferrari 308GT

Chaparral 2D

New NASCAR COTs w/spoiler

     Impala completed 10-2011

     Fusion completed 12-2011

Ford P68

Gulf Mirage

Lola MK 6

Lancia LC2

Chaparral 2H

Lola T310

Audi R8C

Ford C-100 w/wing

URD w/wing

Honda HS10