We now have available bodies from some of the original Kirby and/or Lancer molds from the late 1960's and early 1970's.   


These molds would have been developed for the cars of the time and are narrower then  current molds.  There is also significant underhang on the front and back of the molds which makes manufacturing of the bodies difficult.  You may notice some bend or wrinkle lines in the finished bodies, this is due to the difficulty of getting the bodies off of the molds.  However, the detail on the bodies is remarkable, and the bodies are very unique pieces of H.O. racing history. 


Due to the inherent difficulties with making the bodies, they are priced slightly above the standard costs.



#1501 Bertone Carabo

#1502 Mid-engined Corvette

#1503 Camaro 1970

#1504 Lamborghini Miura

#1505 AMX-3



More styles will be available as the molds are repaired or modified for production use.


The bodies are currently only available clear .010 lexan for $2.50 each.